Friday, December 5, 2008

What have I been up to this week?

Sewing, sewing sewing...and...uh.... did i mention sewing? ROFL! since i am making everything for Christmas this year I have a lot of sewing to do! But i got a ton of stuff done. I didnt really think i had gotten much done, till i made a list of all the stuff i have done, then i was really impressed with myself!
The Thrifty Under Fifty thing has really gotten me motivated! So far all I have had to buy was a pack of colored pencils, and some yarn for beanies and some filler for stuffed monkeys. Yes i said stuffed monkeys. I was skeptical at first, and as I made the first one, i thought...uh... this is soooooo bad!!!! But the girls actually really liked him! ROFL! And i ended up giving it to Christian, and he seemed to really like it too. Then Angel asked for one in all different sizes! LOL! So we will see how many more mommy ends up having to make before Christmas!
So here is my list for the week. This is what I did:
1 SAHM +
2 homeschooled daughters +
1 mischevious toddler +
1 Very attached and nursing newborn +
1 out of town daddy +
1 34th birthday (yes mine) +
2 gymnastics classes +
1 play practise +
5 hours trying to get a new Drivers License+
1 church class +
1 sewing machine+
1 serger+
1 embroidery machine+
1 broken rotary cutter blade ( snapped it in half while using)+
1 major cleaning of all machines+
3 broken needles =

2 ruined appliqued t-shirts
1 appliqued t-shirt funushed nicely!
2 appliqued peasant shirts
3 twirl skirts
2 pairs of pants
1 pair of overalls
2 stuffed monkeys
3 peasant dress nightgowns
3 matching AG doll nightgowns
28 bottle cap images
8 knitted beanies
1 Crayon Tote
2 chalk mats
1I spy bag
1 Bow board
1 revamped christmas dress from last year
2 costumes for Christmas play
And one craft room that looks like a hurricaine hit it!

So that is the consistency of my week :)


Courtney said...

Wow! I can relate! Did it help to write it all down? Maybe I should try that! :)

And...Happy Birthday!

PixiesAndPrincesses said...

Yeah actually it did help a lot! It made me feel much more productive than I thought I had been. And lifted a big weight on my shoulders!

Momma Roar said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The tie pattern is from YCMT - it's Sherrie's pattern, as is the wrap skirt!

Think we can petition for another week? LOL!!