Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting in the Writing groove!

Well as I annouced a couple of weeks ago, I have started writing my 5th novel. And I seem to be getting much further along with this one than with most of my others. It seems to be going well. Except that I have to write when i get a minute, which usually means i get interupted about 30 times a day. My girls come and talk and talk and talk to me while I am trying to write. Christian wants to play, or eat or be changed or make a mess. You know mommy stuff! LOL!

I also get inturupted by having to sew, yes I did say HAVING! LOL! Sometimes I feel that way. You know when I promise a new Valentine's dress. Or outfits to go to Disneyland, stuff like that. Which I still have not finished. Manly becuase they are so incredibly time consuming form all the appliques on them. I swear to sell them i would have to charge about 200.00 a piece on them to make it worth my time. Which is why ladies do charge 200.00 a outfit. It isn't bad when you have no distractions and you can jsut do it. But when you homeschool and the kids are home all day, it is a bit different.

It is going pretty well staying with my parents right now. The hosue in Buttonwillow is so rained in that we haven't been able to get in to it, in over a month. And even if we could, we probably wouldn't be able to get back out. When we tried 2 weeks ago the car got stuck in the mud and we had to be pulled otu by a neighbor farmer with a tractor. I almost ahd a pain attack as the car started sliding down teh embankment into the ditch. My mom has been sick since she got back form my brother's house over a week ago. Now Brit and Christian are sick and I am trying very hard not to give into the sickness that wants to take a hold of me!

Well, that is about all from here. I guess that is my journaling post for now. Miss my friends and hope to see them soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My babies! Sigh... They grow up so fast!

Ok, so I started taking some pictures of my kids again and was once again reminded of how fast they grow up.

I feel like the precious years are quickly slipping away. I feel like the daily chores and schedules and just... things are getting in the way of me enjoying my children's childhood.

Everyday, they grow and learn more and it is beautiful to watch and see, and sad to see the fun silly things go away as they become more aware of their ages.

We were looking at some old videos of the girls dancing a few years ago. They were HILARIOUS! They were cracking up at themselves, and I was cracking up. And then Brit said, "Man I was such a dork". It made me so sad! She wasn't a dork! She was adorable. And it made me realize that in 3 weeks she will be 10 and how different she is now. How grown up she is getting. How grown up they are all getting.

I feel like as a mom it is my duty to love them and rear them and cherish them. And I think I need to spend more time doing that, then some of the other selfish things that I do, just for me. So here they are, my babies!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My latest Novel!

Well, I am working hard on my novel and I have 4 chapters so far. I am really excited becuase from one chapter to the next I am not quite sure where to go, but it seems to just come to me and flow out pretty good. I am really happy with it so far. It is a VERY rough draft right now, there is a lot of filler that needs to be added. But I am happy with how it is shaping up.
It is my 5th novel that I have started. And the second one that I have actually gotten past the first chapter on. I have several choldren's books that I have written that I would love to get published. But since 3 of them are all gospel oriented, the market for it is small. But I will figure out a way to do it in the end!
I love to write and have written tons of poetry in my lifetime. I am really enjoying the novels though. Seeing them unfold, come to life out of my own imagination and be soemthing that I wrote. It is almost like giving life to something that wasnt there before. And even if no one else ever reads them, I will read them and be satisfied.