Thursday, February 4, 2010

My babies! Sigh... They grow up so fast!

Ok, so I started taking some pictures of my kids again and was once again reminded of how fast they grow up.

I feel like the precious years are quickly slipping away. I feel like the daily chores and schedules and just... things are getting in the way of me enjoying my children's childhood.

Everyday, they grow and learn more and it is beautiful to watch and see, and sad to see the fun silly things go away as they become more aware of their ages.

We were looking at some old videos of the girls dancing a few years ago. They were HILARIOUS! They were cracking up at themselves, and I was cracking up. And then Brit said, "Man I was such a dork". It made me so sad! She wasn't a dork! She was adorable. And it made me realize that in 3 weeks she will be 10 and how different she is now. How grown up she is getting. How grown up they are all getting.

I feel like as a mom it is my duty to love them and rear them and cherish them. And I think I need to spend more time doing that, then some of the other selfish things that I do, just for me. So here they are, my babies!

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Anonymous said...

I seriously do NOT recognize tristan!