Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Puttin it ALL out there!

Ok, so I am now going to put my New Years goals out there for everyone to see! I check in with these on a daily and weekly basis, but I figured if they were out there where anyone can see them, then I would be held more accountable. So here is my list for the year of goals that I want to accomplish:

1. Read the scriptures daily, with both the children and personally.
2. Say prayers daily, morning and night, personally and as a family.
3. Have Family Home Evening once a week.
4. Go to church every week, early or on time.
5. Go to Temple monthly.
6. Do the genealogy for my family.
7. Lose my last 25 lbs and gain a healthier more active lifestyle.
8. Take time every week to write my 4 novels that I have yet to finish.
9. Read the lesson for church ever week before church. For both Sunday School and Relief Society.
10. Learn how to use my camera better and take a photography class.
11. Learn how to do zippers and pockets in sewing pants.
12. Spend time every week for myself. Do something for myself every week.
13. Brush my teeth, my hair, take a shower, get dressed everyday.

Ok! I know some of them sound like simple things but believe me when you're a homeschooling Mama of 4, sometimes those things aren't so easy!
Ok, so that is my list for the year! I guess I should also add that I want to blog every week on there too :)

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