Monday, January 19, 2009

Angel Style!

Ok! So! Angel dressed herself the other day. Which isn't a new thing! She does it everyday. Every day is a new adventure to see what it is that she will wear. She loves it and insists on doing it herself, most of the time. Sometime she will ask for my help, I will pick something out, and she will look at it and say, (every time) "But it isn't blue mommy. My favorite color is blue". LOL!

So anyway, the other day Angel dressed herself as usual. But when I looked at her, I thought to myself, you know, she looks like the epitome of me right now! And the epitome of Bakersfield! For those of you that don't know we lived in a tiny town of 800 people in Star Idaho before moving back to California. And James is from Orange County, and I was born in Los Angeles. I consider Bakersfield to be the in between of Star and Los Angeles. Star was a small farming town with lots of families and a close knit community atmosphere. Los Angeles...well... I don't think i need to explain living there!

So this is what i find her wearing:

Lets start at the bottom and work our way up!

1. Cowgirl boots. Pink cowgirl boots. I loved the statement these made. A bit funky and a whole lot of country. These reminded me of me because we are trying really hard right now to get back to basics and simplify our lives. We are starting a large garden, we are trying to have chickens and bees and do some farming stuff.

2. The yoga pants. Those reminded me of my crunchy side, as my friend Amanda calls it! LOL! The side of me that wants to eat better and not eat processed foods. Eat organic and healthier. That i do attachment parenting with my kids and home school them. That i am starting to make homemade foods to eat more and more instead of store bought. That I am learning to knit and sew and do more. And yes i do need to start doing yoga! I really think it would help with my sleeping better...oh wait, you have to have a baby that sleeps through the night to get that!

3. The fleece polar top. Ok so this is her preppy side! Her upper class, want to make something of myself and succeed in life self. Her urban preppy life! LOL!

4. Last but not least, her hat and bow! Her, ultra chic boutique look! Representing all her cuteness and girlieness. And representing all of my creativity and sewing outlet. My love of all things girlie (now, never used to be that way). My love of fabrics and textiles, of creating and making. Of color and artistry and imagination and fantasy.

Ok, now i know that you might all think that i am stretching it a bit, but when i looked at her dressed this way, this is how i felt and what i thought of. And i thought of how much, one simple little outfit, put on by a 3 year old, represented who i was and what was going on in my life. It was like the quote that Heath Ledger, the late actor, said "You learn most about yourself, through your child. And it is so true.

I am blessed everyday by my children and the things that they teach me and the way that i grow from knowing them and being their mother.

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Crunchy Christian Mom said...

That is SO DARN CUTE!!! I love it!