Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Resolutions! Uh... Yearly goals!

As i have had time to reflect on the past year we have had a lot of good things come to our family as well as several challenges. First good thing from this last year is the addition of our beautiful son Christian James to our family. The second wonderful thing to happen was that Brittany was baptized into the church. Another wonderful thing that we had happen was Angel potty trained! WooHoo!
A few of the challenges that we faced were, James becoming very sick for quite a long time and being in and out of the hospital for months. But the blessing was they found out what was wrong and he is now feeling much better.
Another challenge that we have faced is that James lost his job. However, we are praying that the new year will bring him much success in this area.
We also faced the challenge of having to once again change schools. As the private school the girls were in was totally inadequate. However the blessing was that we found a wonderful charter school for them to go to that i am able to home school them through.
Another great blessing was that the school has provided us with many new friends. And it helped us to find the homeschooling yahoo group that we now belong to and have many new friends through as well.
This last year has truly brought many welcomed blessings into our lives and helped us to realize what is important.
So i have found that when i say i have New Years Resolutions, i never do them. So i am now having yearly goals. I have so many of them that i decided that i would write them all down. but more than that i decided that if i am going to try and accomplish them that i need to work on them and look at them daily. So i took my list of yearly goals and i added them to my outlook. It pops up every morning as a task that i need to do. Since i am at my computer so much during the day anyway, i thought this would be a good way to remind me of the things that i want to accomplish for the year.
Well my goals have started off much like they have in years past. But i have a few new ones that i am going to be working on as well. i accomplished a few of my goals last year. Not as many as i would have liked to, but more than i did the year before so i feel like i am getting better and growing :)
So here are some of my goals for this year:

1) To come closer to the Lord through daily scripture study, prayer and church attendance. Church attendance is the hardest one for me. I have adult ADD and sitting for 3 hours is torture. It is so hard for me, but it is my goal to be a weekly church attender. i know that if i want my children to grow up and be active in the church and be weekly church attenders, that i need to set the example for them. I also need to go to my church activities and do my Vi sting Teaching monthly.

2) To lose 40 lbs. Ok, so i have already started working on this. I joined weight watchers and i have been doing pretty well at it so far. I gave up over Christmas,because i was at my moms, and that was just a major no go! But have been doing well the last 2 weeks. It is hard though because i am still nursing and i have never been able to lose weight while nursing. It is hard also because my weight varies so much on the scale due to the nursing.
I found this great article and i think it has some wonderful information on what not to eat. The first one is my biggest downfall, i love fried foods! Btu i am going to try to be better this year!

3) To have a closer and more loving relationship with my Husband and children. I know that in the business of homeschooling, gymnastics, park day, house cleaning, nursing, sewing, church activities, friends and everything else we have going on, sometimes the hugs, the snuggles, the quiet times and the i love yous get left out. it is my goal to daily try to improve my relationships with my family. More hugs and kisses, I love yous and i appreciate yous. As well as Family Home Evening weekly, daily scripture study and prayers.

4) Downsize and simplify. I soooooo need to downsize and simplify my life. I have been consumed with material possessions for too long. The constant buying buying buying got way to far out of control last year. Mostly form having my own wholesale fabric group, where i bought every fabric under the sun. So this year I am downsizing and simplifying everything i have. it is my goal to go through all my stuff and to get rid of all the junk that has been sitting around my house taking up room, that i don't really want or need. And to donate it to charity, or people who need it.

5) To do my family history work. I need to do my family history this year. it is no longer acceptable for me to say, I'll get to it. I need to do it, and i need to do it now!

6) I want to improve my skills in certain areas. i want to improve my knowledge of my camera and photography and how to take better pictures. I want to improve my cooking skills. i want to be able to cook, good wholesome fresh foods for my family, not just easy and convenient junk that has little nutritional value. I want to improve my sewing skills more. By leering how to do pockets and zippers and other things to be able to enhance my garments even further.

Well, that certainly isnt all but that is all but those are the most important ones that iw ould like to accomlish this year.
So Happy New Years everyone! And pray fro my success as i pray for yours!

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