Friday, February 27, 2009

Brit's Party

So Brit turned 9 this week. Yes my baby! My first born is almost a decade old! I am dying inside, where did the time go? How can she possibly be this old? But she is so beautiful and talented and I am so proud to be her mama!

We had a totally fun spa party for her, with lots of good fun and good friends! It was our first all girl party. Nail done, lip balm making, bath salts. Lots of fresh spa foods and lots of fun! The girls all had tons of fun!

And our friend Mary had tons of fun holding Christian!
And he seems to love being held!


Anonymous said...

The party was sooo fun! WE have to get together next week!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Oh, how funny to look at this and see the Swanlunds! We are friends!

Anonymous said...

And that we are Emily! LOL!