Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Photography!

I have been working very hard the last few weeks to learn how to use my camera better. I have been reading and reading, but more importantly i have been practising and practising. So I took my kids out and started practising with them. Dolling them all up and taking a million and a half pictures!

These are of my Angels!


I Don't know about that Mommy!

My Angel!

My little Funny Face!

My little Chubby Cheeks!

My World!

My relaxed Diva!

I love this one, it truly captures her radiant spirit.

I love this one too! The softness of her face, with a touch of mystery! LOL!

Sweet Smile!

Cutie Rosie!

So Shy!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Your photos are beautiful and so are your children. The fresh face of a child give hope to the world.

Carla said...

Photography is made easier when you have gorgeous kids to photograph, huh?

PixiesAndPrincesses said...

It sure as heck helps! ROFL!!! I have been truly blessed!

R. Hansen said...

I love how crisp the photos are. The lighting looks great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the last one of Angel the first one of tristen the last one of Brit and the second one of Bria