Friday, November 21, 2008


Wow! I am finally doing it! I am using my blog!!! LOL! I have had this thing set up for like a year and never used it, but i figure i proabably shoudl start. not just so others can see it, but so i can start keeping a little family journal about what we are doing.

So here is my first entry! These are the Loves of my life! They are the delights of my life. I have been so very blessed by them. My 3 beautiful daughter, cute chubby baby boy, and my loving husabnd. I feel so priveledged to be their mom and wife, and sometime wonder why the Lord has blessed me so richly! My 3 beautiful girls and new baby boy are such a joy to me. And my Hubby is such a great man who is so supportive and loving towards me. And works so hard to support us as a family. I am truly grateful for him.

I made the outfits for my girls for Halloween. And their costumes! This was our first outing with our new HomeSchooling group! It was so fun! We went to a pumpkin farm here in town and got pumpkins and then had a party at the park!

Then we went to church for a Halloween party on the 31st. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so i go all out on the costumes. I made the girls costumes, but jsut didnt ahve the time to make mine or James or Christians. James, was Obi Wan Kenobi, isnt he so sexy? Christian was obviously Yoda. And i was a jedi apparently no one had heard of! LOL! Her name is Barris Offee. She is an awesome healer and great jedi. Plus is meant i got to wear a blue cloak and blue lipstick, so it was right up my alley!

Here is Britty "Pippi"! She has loved Pippi for almost as long as me! LOL! So she finally decided to be Pippi. I am afraid this might be her last year wanting to be a little girl character :( So sad, they grow up so fast!

Brianna Totally surprised me by asking to be Lucy Pensieve from The Chronicles of Narnia. She looked so cute in her Lucy costume! She had so much fun. Sadly there werent enough Narnia fans there, and no one knew who she was suppose to be. But that's ok baby, no one knew who i was suppose to be either! LOL!

And then of course there is miss Angel! It really surprised me that people didnt know who she was suppose to be. What didn't surprise me was Who she wanted to be! She has been it before and love love loves this character, so there was no surprise here! She was jsut adorable in her Minnie Mouse costume, and what she likes to call her "Poofy skirt" ROFL!

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