Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thrifty Under Fifty, Under way!!

OK, i am underway on my thrifty under 50 challenge from YCMT.com. I have already made a few presents and i have quite a few more that i am currently in the middle of. it is hard to make Christmas presents for little people who are constantly walking in on you and asking what you are doing! LOL! But i have managed to get some of them done.

The worst is when I am helping them with the gifts for each other. The girls are little magnets to each other! When one is doing something the other 2 HAVE to know what is going on. So they

are constantly walking by my craft room door and peeking in. It is the whole, tell a kid "no" and they will automatically do it, concept i guess.

Anyway, wish me luck on all the things i still need to get done! I am realizing very quickly here that i am running out of time.

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