Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Party at the Park!

So we had a blast at our Homeschooling thanksgiving party! We used Angel's Halloween pumpkin to make some pumpkin muffins and we made Cornbread Apricot sage cookies! Yum Yum!! The girls had a great time there at the park. What a great park too! It is a little far for us since we live in the NE, but hey, it was a super nice park!!!
Bria and Angel were just crazy about the slide!

Brit is my swingin fool! That girl loves to go high on the swings! All she would talk about in
kindergarten and first grade was the swings the swings the swings, at recess and how there were never enough of them!

Thanx so much to my new friend Amanda who organized the whole thing! It was so much fun! Amanda and I have so much in common I am so glad that I met her! I can tell we are well on our way to being great friends!

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